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Chris Hatton Profile Photo Author: Chris Hatton February 23, 2018

How much does custom software development cost at NETIFI?

This is a deceptively difficult question to answer. The really short answer is that it depends on a multitude of known and unknown factors. I’ve often heard this being compared to building a wall. In a perfect world a client would come to us and say “I want a wall 12 meters long, 1 meter high, and 2 bricks thick”. In that case we would just say “sure, using 1500 standard bricks, 5 bags of cement, two bricklayers that lay 100 bricks per hour, that will be £1500 pounds”. The software world isn’t that simple though. It’s more like building a dry stone wall from all different sized stones, and not knowing exactly how tall, wide, long or even if it should be in a straight line. On top of that the builders all have different speeds at which they are able to build.

Good software systems allow businesses to operate in the modern world, great software systems give a real competitive edge.

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Don’t worry though, there is plenty of room for flexibility in software projects. It's just as important that it fulfils the necessary function, and provides a good return on investment.

No really, just give me a ballpark figure!

OK, we know you have someone at the top with the money to spend and he/she just wants to know how much it will cost and when it will be finished. Sorry to disappoint but even after a period of gathering your requirements it would be impossible to give an exact cost and time scale. What we would endeavour to do is give a cost range and time window for expected completion. On the other hand if you have a strict budget or deadline we can build a solution tailored to meet that budget and deadline. This may come at the cost of functionality and resiliency. For small jobs we might even just agree a price and NETIFI would absorb any small additional costs.

Very Small Project

Less than £1,000

  • e.g. a simple change or fix to existing application.
  • Minimal testing required.
  • Built for minimal extension capabilities.
  • Simple technologies and deployment scenario.
  • Only a few core non-critical business functions in the software.
Small Project

Less than £15,000

  • e.g. a small and reasonably complex application or software system.
  • Core business functions fully tested.
  • Built for minimal extension capabilities.
  • Complex technologies and highly resilient usage.
  • A few business critical functions and highly scalable.
Medium Project

Less than £150,000

  • e.g. a business critical application for core business functions.
  • Core business functions fully tested.
  • Built for extension and maintainability.
  • Complex technologies and highly resilient usage.
  • Many business critical funcions, processes, controls...

What we have above is really just a finger in the air type categorisation. Something to keep in mind is that every piece of software developed is as unique as you and I. As much as we as an industry would love to have a big check list to give exact costing it will never happen.

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If it sounds too good to be true...

We would like to give some good advice to anyone about to spend a significant of money on custom software. We all know of the websites where offshore programmers offer to suspiciously build software for less than £30 per hour. If you really have no money and the software isn’t business critical then far be it from me to try stop you. If on the other hand the custom software is a significant investment, business critical or critical to your reputation then please don’t even consider it. Take heed, and please learn from our many years of experience in this business.

Would I get value for money from NETIFI?

Absolutely, and we will want to feel that you are getting value for money when you commission software from NETIFI. We are not a big software house, but in terms of quality we can beat the big guys hands down, any day of the week. We take an agile approach to software development that ensures you see progress being made on your project, and that you get the opportunity to give feedback on and prioritise features being built. You can rest assured that your software is being developed by the very best in the business, and at a fraction of the cost of the big guys.

Software Development in Glasgow

Glasgow is a hub for software development and technology innovation in Scotland. Mostly in the banking sector, but there are a few good developers that escape the lure of big business and provide services to others.


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