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Alan Kerr Profile Photo Author: Alan Kerr September 01, 2018

I need a website! What is the difference - domain name, website & web hosting?

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You want a website, or maybe an update to your existing website or hosting, but what do you actually need? There are 3 items required for any website.

  1. Domain Name
  2. The Website
  3. The Web Hosting

In this article we will explain what the above terms mean and how they differ.

What is a Domain Name?

In simple terms a domain name is what a person enters into the web address bar of an internet browser in order to access a website., for instance, is the domain name of this website. You can think of it as similar to your office street address in the real world. It’s your online location so people may search for and find your site. The domain name should reflect your company, products, services or all 3, however it’s not easy to find a good domain name these days since millions of them have already been registered. Careful thought should be given, the shorter or more memorable the better!

Other options now available to you include using a bespoke Top-Level Domain. A “TLD” sometimes known as a domain extension is the latter part of the domain name such as “.com” or “”. Today you can use other TLD’s which may reflect your business or location more accurately. Some available are .scot, .store or even .fun. When choosing a domain name we’ve found that brainstorming is key.

Once you have decided on your new domain name you will have to register it. NETIFI will register any domain on your behalf at a very reasonable cost. Remember registration is not forever, you will have to renew it after the registration period, be it 1yr or more. It is crucial that your domain is re-registered as should it expire it may be difficult or even impossible for you to regain it.

What is a Website?

So now you have your nice, shiny new domain name you will need a website. These are the pages that actually display content, be it images, products, contact info, basically anything that you want to be displayed within the browser when visiting the address.

As specialist developers, NETIFI can assist with all web projects, from very simple brochure sites to fully fledged e-commerce stores or web applications. Please contact us for info.

What is Web Hosting?

Now you have your domain name & your amazing website you need your own special bit of the web to place all the content and files which make up your website. Just as you require space on your hard drive for files & folders. The website needs space on a “webserver” to store the content. Larger websites require a larger space and here at NETIFI we have various hosting plans available to suit, whatever your requirements and budget.

If you are thinking about gaining a web presence, domain or updating your existing website, please contact NETIFI, we can provide advice and suggestions on the best way forward.

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