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Custom Job Management System

Who was the client?

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GSS Contracts. They are a refrigeration, air conditioning installation and maintenance contractor. Their clients are some of the biggest supermarkets in the UK. They are based in East Kilbride, Glasgow and employ about 15 engineers and 5 office staff.

What was their business problem?

They needed an automated system to assign jobs to their engineers, collect form data, and manage the job management process until they were at a stage they could invoice their clients.

Why? Because their engineers were still working with paper forms, and this data would then be re-entered by the office staff into a spreadsheet from where they would haphazardly manage the status of the work, requiring many emails and phone calls.

Needless to say this process was slow, error prone and inefficient, and their customer wanted real time updates on the status of the jobs that they were carrying out.

How were NETIFI able to help?

We spent an afternoon with the GSS Contracts office staff to gain an understanding of their current job management processes, and terminology used to describe their business. We also identified where they felt improvements could be made, and just as importantly what they felt did work for them.

With an acute awareness of the importance time and cost constraints put upon us, we began immediately to examine what we could do within a three week deadline. We agreed on the features that would constitute a minimum viable product, and we achieved the following:

  • Job creation, editing, and viewing.
  • Job allocation and status management.
  • Email automation.
  • Semi-automated parts ordering requests for jobs.
  • Integration with third party software Natural Forms .
  • PDF and image upload and download.
  • Data extracts in the form of CSV, Excel, PDF, and print (with filtering included).
  • User management, authentication, and authorisation.

It would be fair to say that a three week turn-around for a completely bespoke software project of this quality this isn't typical, but we like to go the extra mile when we can for our clients.

What was the technology stack?

With a primary requirement of quick development at low cost we choose the technology appropriately. We are very versatile here at NETIFI and we'll use technologies that are most cost effective, but can achieve the quality, stability, and extensibility for the particualr application. In this case we only required fairly low volume interaction, but needed the ability to expand functionality over time. With this in mind we choose to use:

  • Boostrap
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • MySql
  • Apache

Software Development in Glasgow

Glasgow is a hub for software development and technology innovation in Scotland. Mostly in the banking sector, but there are a few good developers that escape the lure of big business and provide services to others.


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